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The Retail Experience

Most courses feature a Pro-Shop. These retail outlets offer course members and visiting players a friendly and convenient service whilst offering many opportunities for increasing revenue.

There is endless 'best practice' advice available on about, stocking, merchandising and promoting your Pro-Shop. However at YOB we have simply translated the knowledge gained from over thirteen years experience of working with courses and clubs across the world to develop this short guide that covers five clear areas:

  • Designing your range
  • Merchandising your range
  • Choosing the commercial model that suits you
  • Using incentives wisely
  • Marketing your shop

There are clear advantages in adopting a single source route:

  • Product ranges are consistently created using the same materials, colour-ways and proportionately correct logos.
  • Comprehensive retail displays of co-ordinated items enjoying strong visual impact.
  • Encouragement for customers to focus their purchasing by creating a totally coordinated ‘look'
  • Single commercial relationship - one supplier - one transaction – one invoice

*YOB have a brand style guide available on request which can help you to manage how your crest is used to present a consistent experience across all aspects for your venue.

Before embarking on a sourcing process, it’s important to initially define your Retail Strategy – what you want to gain from your retail activities?

Successful golf retailing is much more than uncoordinated choice and short-term bargains!

Think about why people will buy from your shop?

  • Convenience
  • Loyalty
  • Access to unique products (crested and brands)
  • Customer service
  • Can you clearly identify product and seasonal trends to help determine your commercial strategy?

Who are your actual customers?

  • Members
  • Visitors / societies
  • Members guests

Who shops and when will influence your product selection, pricing strategy and help identify which products benefit from being ‘crested’ and personalised.


At YOB, we believe in creating collections that generate a strong visual and consistent presence.

Pro-shops can often display a mixed bag of products, sourced from different suppliers, at different times, by different people, often with sharply differing tastes!

The result - a 'jumble sale' of uncoordinated items, in varying colourways and differing styles featuring multiple variations of the club crests inconsistently applied!

YOB enjoys a flexible and extensive manufacturing capability that can deliver visually coordinated ‘crested’ golf mechandise and product ranges produced to the highest standards.

Our ranges

Our Retail Collection features a core of select ranges all of which can be tailored to create unique and cohesive collections to suit bespoke requirements. In addition, our expert sourcing team can assist in exploring additional product range options.


Our range of faux leather bags and bag accessories. Choose your design theme, colour and ‘crest’ and we’ll create a practical and stylish range of essential accessories.


Our tour-performance golf towel, comes in three sizes – (players, cart & tri-fold) with unlimited print options. Decorate with logos, matching design graphics or iconic images – the low minimum runs allow customers to explore design ideas and/or consider unique limited editions.


Our top performance golf umbrella can readily complement any design theme. A low minimum 25-item order threshold offers a unique and distinctive canopy without a huge stock commitment.


Our exquisite metalwork collections, produced here in the UK offer colour and decorative options that coordinate with and complement our full Retail Range. From divot tools to bag tags, Mission metalwork can enhance and showcase your brand throughout the course, whilst our stunning POS counter stand shows the collection to its best.

Merchandising your range

Product Presentation is vital to encourage awareness, interest & sales.

As well as seasonal stock rotation it's important to constantly consider product placement and develop attractive displays.


Stock Rotation: Regularly change your displays to maintain interest and to highlight different product lines throughout the seasons.

Stock placement

Where space allows, display matching collections alongside one another to create greater visual impact.


Purpose designed displays and imaginative props can be very effective in showcasing products, whilst action & ‘in-use’ images are ideal for demonstrating bulky items such as umbrellas. YOB can supply purpose built POS units to display head-covers, umbrellas and metalwork.

Choosing the commercial model that suits you

Pro Shops invariably approach stock procurement on a seasonal basis, which in turn leads to overstocking of slow moving items (an expensive waste of merchandising space) and pressure to restock new ‘fashion’ lines each season - involving a margin damaging end of season ‘close-out’.

At YOB we have the ability to source bespoke ranges at any time during the year and have trading terms that allow ‘multiple drops’ of stock throughout the season. In addition our UK decorated stock ranges are always available on very short lead times and with low minimum orders.

Our aim is always to offer you the right mix of products to ensure your shop is never over (or under) stocked, your cash flow is protected and you enjoy the flexibility to react to trends and seasonal changes.

Our recommended model

Our 'perfect scenario' blends together a mix of stock and bespoke products to create a high quality range that displays unique characteristics and changes enough to stimulate the interest of even the most frequent shopper.

Every shop is different but we would always recommend:

  • Invest in seasonal limited runs of bespoke collections
  • Maintaining a bespoke 'house collection' core range that runs for 2-3 seasons to offer continuity
  • Use LUMI to complement the collections, taking advantage of low minimums to trail new design themes and colours to generate interest & excitement


Incentives and special offers are useful tools to stimulate demand and to help move slow moving items.

By investing in 'Collections' from YOB, it’s much easier to apply 'gift with purchase' incentives to encourage sales, for instance when buying bundles of matching products.

Our ‘on-demand’ model also allows you to invest in our LUMI and MISSION ranges to secure volume pricing with the facility to call off stock featuring different cresting or design themes as required.

Stock committed to LUMI intended for retail use may be held blank and if required be adapted by changing the design during the season to repurpose the stock.

Marketing your Retail offer

It’s vital to use every tool and technique at your disposal to market your retail experience to all of your stakeholders: members, guests, corporate visitors, range customers etc.

Consider commissioning professional photography for your collection to help develop inspiring marketing literature and in-store displays - building awareness of the range and helping to 'inspire' customers to invest in better golf accessories.

Make good use of your marketing channels to build up awareness for newly arriving ranges – emails, web, notice boards, newsletters, shop windows, flyers in lockers etc.

Organise preview events with displays and product samples for key opinion makers throughout your club: course professionals, team captains, club secretaries and committees etc – an opportunity to encourage positive reviews, early sales and word of mouth endorsements.

Our approach

Working with YOB offers you comprehensive guidance and support.

Step 1

We'll help profile your club and membership to be able to effectively develop your particular Retail Experience.

Step 2

We'll create a visual range proposal featuring one or more design themes that our design team think appropriate for your club and patrons - artistic impressions of how your collection might be presented across a selection of product ranges.

Step 3

Once a design theme has been consolidated, we recommend an appropriate commercial model and pricing structure for your approval – to include where applicable a planned delivery schedule.

Step 4

Our dedicated Client Services team will keep you constantly informed on your order progress and even advise you on merchandising options using our own POS systems.

Focus on the details – introducing Liquid Print

Our stylish and high quality Retail Collections can now be further enhanced using our latest innovation in ‘cresting’.

Traditionally cresting has been applied by embroidery; appliqué or screen-printing techniques, but our 2019 collections will offer the additional option of our new ‘Liquid Print’ process. This innovative new approach, gives clients the option of reproducing complex, colourful and complex and detailed club crests with amazing accuracy and consistency.

This technique can be applied to most fabrics and is an ideal way of showcasing your crest to a very high standard of presentation.


We hope this insight into the YOB approach inspires and motivates you to recognise the need for careful planning in developing your Retail Experience?

It always pays to avoid unnecessary risk by optimising your commercial potential through careful sourcing of well-designed items supported by a proven and reliable financial model.

To discuss these ideas in more detail do please get in touch.