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The Corporate Experience

We work with clubs to maximize their Corporate Experience, increasing the number of brand touchpoints across their facilities and through the duration of a golf day.

We revamp the traditional gifting solutions and extend the number of scenarios for your Corporate visitors to display their.


Sponsoring or hosting a golf event creates countless opportunities to raise awareness of your brand, generate campaign messages and importantly stage branded photo opportunities – locations such as the clubhouse, the tees, greens, even around the driveway and car park are ideal to capture images of that special day.

Your Own Brand Golf can provide a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor ‘Brand Beacons’ for use on and around the course, so clients can create and promote a powerful corporate theme throughout the event and even highlight sponsors for individual holes!

Branded cup inserts and pin flags can consistently raise host and sponsor visibility throughout the course.


The Registration process acts as the traditional setting for presenting ‘Welcome Gifts’. However, with players often so pre-occupied with introductions, enjoying the refreshments and preparing for that important first tee - the gift is often overlooked.

We therefore strongly recommend presenting gift items that are both useful and distinctive during registration to create more impact and interest.

This is also the optimum time to present golfwear giving guest players time to change and wear the clothing during the event.

Gift boxes also help to make a statement on arrival – allowing guests the opportunity to immediately use the items without having to carry the packaging around the course.

Playing Gifts

Carefully designed ‘crested’ products and gifts go a long way towards creating a delightful experience for event participants. Top quality crested items, tastefully presented can have a very positive impact on guests who will readily appreciate the quality and attention to detail inherent in our high-quality merchandise.

Your Own Brand Golf has a wide range of ‘crested’ items to help personalise your guests’ experience, creating a lasting impression of a great corporate day out.


Relaxing, post-play can be the most memorable part of a Corporate Golf Day - informal networking and socialising offer rewarding opportunities for branded gifting in more a relaxed social setting.

Prize tables are a traditional post-play feature and present a perfect occasion to feature higher value ‘crested’ gifts. Departure presents are also a great way of thanking your guests for attending and help extend a positive and lasting impression of your brand.


For venues that want to grow and develop a unique persona, staging a memorable and exciting ‘Event Day’ is an important activity.

With this in mind, Your Own Brand Golf offer a variety of 'Personalisation' options, whereby gift items can be personalised at the venue with the participant’s name, commemorative score or fun message.

Speak to our experts about how to integrate personalisation services into your Corporate Event.